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Business Results Radio Podcast

International Best-Selling Author & CEO Pete Winiarski guides you along the journey of transforming your company, transforming your team, and transforming yourself! Pete shares his own insights and strategies into effective leadership, business improvement, and goal achievement. 

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''This podcast is amazing!! Pete is able to provide so much value in a very kind and humble way. In today’s business world, we need leaders that stand out from the masses and if you’re on this page, I’d say we are lucky enough to have discovered one of the best."

Daniel Mason Jones


The mission of this podcast is to bring more fun, freedom, & fulfillment to business leaders. Guests on the show share their experiences, tips, and strategies on how they rose to the top of their game and how you can do it, too!

Latest Episodes

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S. 4, Ep. 17

How to Humanize Your Brand with Roger Parent

Does your brand fully represent your company’s mission, your team, and how you help your customers? Give a listen to our conversation with Roger Parent, Founder and CEO of Digital Position to learn how to humanize your brand. Roger talks about what makes brands human and authentic, he provides examples of brands that are making this change, and he tells us why humanized brands are often more resilient, especially in tough economic times. 

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S. 4, Ep. 16

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks

According to a recent Accenture study, 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, but only 14% of businesses are ready to defend themselves.

In this interview, Pete speaks with the CEO of CompassMSP, Ari Santiago, who shares steps that you can take now to protect your company from cyberattacks in the future, including the key components that make up a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

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S. 4, Ep. 15

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Automation

What can you do to help your sales team be successful? Can you automate your CRM to take more work off of your plate? How can you use email marketing to its full potential?

These are just a few of the questions that Chief Sales Strategist Kevin Snow answers in Season 4, Episode 15 of Business Results Radio.

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S. 4, Ep. 14

Strategies for Business Financing with Anthony De Almeida

In this Podcast Episode, we will discuss some of the lesser-known facts of how business financing really works:

Why would business leaders would want to go get money (it’s a long list!)? How to know what getting a loan will cost your business and how to know if it’s worth it? Why it can take such a long time to know the status of your loan application (and what you can do instead!!)? And MUCH more…!

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S. 4, Ep. 13

Master the Art and Science of Shameless Propaganda – The True Power of Using Positive Hype to Create Impact

Podcast Episode with Michael F. Schein. Michael is a writer, speaker, business owner, and hype artist.

In this conversation, we dive into The Hype Handbook. The best part of this discussion is that everything we talk about today is actionable, and can get your quick results.

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S. 4, Ep. 12

The Biggest Challenges Manufacturing Companies Face Today (and What to Do Next) – interview with Colin Cooper

Our guest on this episode of Business Results Radio is Colin Cooper. Colin served as Connecticut’s first-ever chief manufacturing officer. 

In this interview, we get into the biggest challenges manufacturers face today.

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About the Host

Pete Winiarski is the creator and host behind the podcast show Business Results Radio. Pete is a keynote speaker, and multi best-selling author, as well as the founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. Win Enterprises, LLC is a team of business consultants, mentors, and advisors. We are guided by our proven and proprietary frameworks, approaches, and methodologies to help you remove the barriers to high performance and optimize your people and processes. Our mission for the podcast, Business Results Radio, is to bring more fun, freedom, & fulfillment to business leaders.

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